Past Life Soul Regression
Training Workshop

December 1-3, 2016
Erie, Colorado

This unique program is designed to prepare individuals who wish to learn to conduct PLR and who may desire to learn to gain skills in Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Participants who simply wish to deepen and inform their own soul's journey, but may not wish to use this skill in a private practice, are also welcome. Our training program focuses on the technique to guide clients into sufficient trance depth to access both Past Life and entry into the Spiritual Realm. Various regression tools and techniques necessary to prepare the client for a Theta level trance experience will be taught during this training. The added dimension of crossing into Spirit requires additional skill to move a client smoothly and with care through a significant past life to the death scene, exiting the body and transitioning through the spiritual realm gateway.

This four-day training course will be taught via in-depth lecture/demonstration/practicum. Dr. Linda Backman will be the instructor for this experiential training program.

All students will receive a Letter of Completion following this training and will be eligible to complete additional requirements for Past Life Soul Regression Certification.


Basic understanding of hypnosis and the hypnotic trance induction process*

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December 1-3, 2016



Erie, Colorado

Program Cost:

Contact the RavenHeart Center for fees and pre-requisites

*Individuals interested in applying for the PLSR training course who do not have a hypnosis background can meet the pre-requisite by working with Linda Backman in advance of the course either over the phone or in person. Please contact us for more information on how this hypnosis requirement may be met.

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Past Life Soul Regression
Tele-Training Workshop

February 1, 2017

Journey Into Spirit: A Past Life Soul Regression Training course is taught via an 6-week Home Study and Online format by Dr. Linda Backman, Psychologist and Regression Therapist. This course contains the following teaching components: training manual, PowerPoint, DVD Regression demonstration, email discussion, teaching via a weekly conference call (scheduled from 5:00-6:30 pm Colorado time on Wednesday), practicum, and spiritual practice. Please note: the first class will be two hours in length. The foundation of study will stem from continuity of soul consciousness and the progression of soul through learning from lifetime to lifetime.

If you do not have training in hypnosis, Linda can provide the necessary hypnosis background in 2 one-hour sessions, either in person or over the phone.

This PLSR training course will mirror The RavenHeart Centerís face-to-face training. Participants are expected to attend all of the 6 conference calls. If a class must be missed, Linda needs to be informed in advance if possible. Students are responsible for making up a missed class as soon as is feasible for both Linda and the participant.

Contact the RavenHeart Center for fees and pre-requisites.

Course Components:

  • Training Manual with PowerPoint and teaching DVD
  • Weekly email special topic discussion
  • Weekly conference call teaching and practicum for 6 weeks-Wednesday evening at 5:00-6:30PM (Mountain Time)
  • Practicum w/discussion by conference call
  • Each student presents a client case example w/discussion

For additional information on this training opportunity please contact Dr. Earl Backman: 303-818-0575



Between Lives Soul Regression
Training Workshop

March 1-5, 2017
Boulder, Colorado

The RavenHeart Center and the International Between Lives Regression Network (IBLRN) sponsor an intensive five-day training program for therapists wishing to conduct Between Lives Soul Regression (BSLR). When we die, our consciousness remains as we transition into the spiritual realm. Our spiritual home contains light, love, joy, clarity, compassion and order. Upon arriving we typically meet our spiritual guide and process the life just completed. We return to our spiritual family, the group of souls with whom we have most affinity and are most connected and with whom we incarnate again and again as parents, children, siblings, partners and friends.

BLR reveals our nature as an eternal soul, and with our Master Guides our progress and purpose are examined. Dr. Linda Backman, along with additional faculty, will train therapists in this rewarding, spiritually-based technique. Dr. Backman has studied and taught with Dr. Michael Newton, and has served on the Board of The Society for Spiritual Regression (The Newton Institute) as President. In addition to becoming well-versed in the mechanics of this type of regression, participants will explore spiritually via Kabbalah, Shamanism, and other means of spiritual practice for personal benefit and the related assistance of clients. Through lecture, demonstration, and practicum students will learn how to conduct BLSR greatly enhancing the clientís ability to understand who they truly are as a soul.

This five-day training course will be taught by Dr. Linda Backman via in-depth lecture/demonstration/practicum.

All students will receive a Letter of Completion following this training and will be eligible to complete additional requirements for Between Lives Soul Regression Certification.

Contact the RavenHeart Center for fees and pre-requisites.

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