Very often we think we believe something whereas, in fact, we believe something else entirely. We might be confident, for example, that we can have a great and financially rewarding career, which, however, seems to be beset by bad luck and unfortunate choices of location, staff and so on, so that this career never materializes.
Through regression, we can find that what we actually believe is quite different from what we think we believe. We may unconsciously think something like:

“I’m not good enough”
“I always mess up”
"There is never enough money to go around”

and so on.

These are beliefs that can be acquired in infancy from our parents and society, or can be carry-overs from previous incarnations. Reality reflects our true beliefs back to us. If we really believe that there is never enough money to go around then we will never enjoy abundance. If we really believe that we are ugly, then people will relate to us in this way. If we really believe that we are not good enough, then we never will be.

Regression Therapy is an excellent way to uncover our underlying beliefs and change them. When we do this, then reality will change to reflect back to us our new beliefs and the change can be dramatic. It enables us to get to the root cause of life-long patterns of difficulty and setback and overcome them.

A Case Study

Joel was a fifty-five year old, deeply religious man. Fearful and timid, he had never enjoyed the success in career or in love that he had long dreamt of.

It became apparent in the initial interview that Joel consciously believed that Spirit is loving, caring and supportive of us and our lives but our work together revealed the common unconscious belief that God was an old judgmental man in the sky. This is what he really believed about Spirit in contrast to what he thought he believed. He had come to this belief at a very young age and never knew how this underlay all his more mature adult conceptions about who God is and resulted in his failing in so much of his life.

Coming to see this underlying belief and consciously deciding to abandon it brought a great deal of peace and acceptance to Joel's life and empowered him to live in a different and more positive way.



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