Our significant relationships are soul contracts, formulated in the spiritual worlds while planning our incarnation. These relations may be one of loving support but need not always be positive. Part of our life contracts can be to be challenged by other people in all kinds of ways and soul connections can be stressful and negative, and sometimes downright abusive.

If they are of this nature, it may be because, as souls, we feel we need this experience in order to grow through it. However it can be that people are not following the contract that was agreed. After all, everyone has, at all times, free will. As an example, it might be agreed between a father and a son that the father will be quite tough in his son’s upbringing. However, the father might exceed this contract and become downright abusive.

It can be an important aspect of therapy to determine what are the original soul contracts for relationships and how the people concerned may have used their free will to distort or avoid these contracts.



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