Stillness is what creates Love

Movement is what creates Life

To be still
Yet still moving —
That is everything.

Chinese Haiku

    Past-lives are a reality. We project our soul-nature over the dimensions of space and time to produce a series of lives, some of which are in the past, others of which are in the future. Often, during past-life regressions, people are able to remember details such as names, places and details about life in these days that are totally unknown to the client in their present incarnation but which can be verified by historical research.

Exploring past-lives has two profound therapeutic aspects. First, it dissolves the fear of death as we see for ourselves that we have lived many times before and that after we are finished with our present incarnation, our soul continues in consciousness and we will in due course undertake another incarnation. Secondly, it can heal many issues with which we struggle in this incarnation and which we do not understand and cannot explain. Examples of issues which can be healed to one degree or another are physical symptoms, phobias, relationship issues, work related concerns, etc.

A challenging but revolutionary idea that many of us work with is that past lives can be changed. Based on the teachings of Kabbalah and other traditions, we see our past and future lives as a projection of our present level of spirituality onto the dimension of time. We can grow in wholeness and spirituality through actively changing poor decisions we made in past lives and, with great intention to heal, altering their story lines and in doing so releasing much suffering and negativity that otherwise pervades a series of incarnations.



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