The roots of illness, like everything else, are primarily spiritual. There are many reasons why we might become ill. Illness can stem from a lack of courage to do what we are meant to do in this incarnation, or from over-attachment to our egos which may be opposed to our soul-contract. The perspective of our personality is often quite different from that of our souls, and it is by no means clear that our souls will prevail in what is often an exhausting struggle. If we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing in our lives, then illness can be an outcome. If energies are flowing into us and then becoming blocked and not flowing on through us and out into the proper channels then disease can result.

Regression Therapy can be effective in helping us to see the spiritual roots of our illness and overcome the issues involved which can lead to a return to full health and activity. When we see clearly what it is we have incarnated to do and how we may be avoiding doing it, then we will hopefully find the will and the courage to turn our life around and do what we are meant to be doing. When we do this, then these imbalances in our energy-body disappear and we hopefully return to normal health.



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