I Never Held You, a book on coping with miscarriage and the
loss of a young child with Foreward and commentary
by Dr. Backman.


One of the most difficult challenges that a person can experience is the loss of a loved one, especially a child.

According to the deepest spiritual teachings of all traditions, there is only here. There is nowhere else to go. Life is never lost and relations are never broken. The release of a person’s body does not imply that they have gone away. Where could they go?

We can help bereaved people to feel and experience for themselves their eternal connection with their loved ones. This is not spiritualism and is far from the traditional séance. We do not deal with spiritual entities in this way or work at this level.

Rather, when we experientially recognize ourselves as eternal souls, then we can feel and know the unbroken and eternal relationship with those we love and who love us, who are still here and together with us as they always were.



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