Many of us feel that we don’t have enough money. On the other hand, a universal spiritual truth is that the universe is abundant. How is it then, that we do not always experience this abundance?

A fundamental teaching of spirituality is that spirit constantly wants to give and is unlimited in its resources. It is ourselves and ourselves alone who limit this flow. Lack of abundance is a decision we make about how we want to live our life which we might have made at the level of our soul or the level of our personality. This decision might have been made consciously so that we are fully aware of it, or it may have been unconscious through buying into a belief system which may include such thoughts as “there is never enough”, “I don’t deserve more than the bare necessities”, or “I am too guilty or sinful to enjoy prosperity.”

When lack of money is the consequence of a limiting unconscious belief system, then this can easily be altered using the techniques of regression Therapy. When it is part of our soul-contract, we can understand why we have chosen to live in this way, and find new meaning and purpose in the way we live our life.

Regression Therapy can be extremely effective in helping us to identify and remove the blocks that separate ourselves from the abundance that is our natural heritage as children of Spirit.



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