Welcome to the International Between Lives Regression Network.

We are a group of professional therapists with a shared spiritual vision who have come together to create this organization which is consecrated to our highest understanding of our craft.

We are part of the growing movement of transpersonal therapy, dedicated to helping you connect with your soul and experience consciousness from its perspective, with all the associated deep wisdom, compassion and love. Our basic premise is that everyone can connect with their soul consciousness and through this, know who they really are and why they chose their present incarnation, with its particular challenges.

Please enjoy the following pages which set forth our vision and how we apply it in practice.

You are welcome to be in touch with any of our members, listed on the Membership Page or to participate in our trainings listed in the Workshop and Training Page. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Dr. Linda Backman Linda@RavenHeartCenter.com. In the other pages, we set out our philosophy and the areas of therapy in which we specialize.



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